Of Blogs Present: Balderdash and the Moon

Hillsborough River Chronicle ended up being a little too generic for my tastes, so with the new year, I’m working with a new title: Balderdash and the Moon.

Fortunately, dear reader, there is only one of you, so I’m trusting the title changes won’t be too disconcerting.

One of my new year’s resolutions is to be more in tune with the moon. And, almost everything in this blog can easily be categorized as sheer balderdash, hence the title.

2 thoughts on “Of Blogs Present: Balderdash and the Moon

    1. Ha! I wondered if there might be a few old RSS feeds floating around. It’s been a few years.

      Now we’ll find out if I can conjure up anything interesting (or at least diverting) to write under this new banner.

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