The equinox is March 20.

Equinox, however, is not the day that has equal amount of day and night. Equinox is the moment “the geometric center of the Sun’s disk crosses the equator.”

Here in Tampa the 12 hour day was yesterday, March 16.

I like to use these sorts of celestial cues to guide my semi-regular meditation. For the days between the 12-hour day and the official equinox I am meditating on balance. Work/life balance, other/me balance, sunnyday spending/rainy day savings balance, indoor/outdoor balance, screen/non-screen balance, etc.

As we move into spring is there anything in your life that needs balancing? Anything that got tilted too far in one direction over the last few months?

The Timeanddate site has more.

(100 Days of Blogging: Post 045 of 100)

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