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“In the name of God, now I know how it feels like to BE God!”

Frankenstein trivia – apparently the original line about being God was cut after the initial release due to the newly powerful censorship board.

“The PCA, however, felt that this was not enough and removed Frankenstein’s likening himself to God from the movie. In order to hide the cut, thunder is used. For many years, the version of the scene that people saw had the thunder instead of the last half of the line. As a result, what’s persisted as a trope is “It’s alive!” punctuated with dramatic thunder.”

This summer I watched nearly all the Universal horror movies, starting with the Lon Chaney movies of the silent era. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the Abbot & Costello installments, however. If I was forced to watch only a single movie for the rest of my life, the original Frankenstein might be that movie.


Tor.com is serializing Charlie Jane Anders Never Say You Can’t Survive, and the latest installment maps almost perfectly on my own experience.

Weirdness Gives Me the Strength To Keep Going – “The way I think about weirdness has changed completely of late. I used to think of strange and surreal art as a siege weapon—a cannon aimed at the walls of conformity and structural oppression and well-of-course-ness.

“But lately? I think of strange art as a source of reassurance and safety. A cozy blanket made out of nice fuzzy WTF.”

Anders also introduces me to the term ‘sweetweird,’ which I hope is a soon-to-be booming SFF genre.


100.8 billion have died since 50,000BCE.


At some point Dan Piraro, author of the cartoon Bizarro, fell off my radar. I noticed that he turned over responsilities of the daily cartoon to Wayno at some point, but didn’t give it a second thought. Turns out he’s creating a new strip called Peyote Cowboy, which is pretty cool.



Hope is contagious.

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