Happy 2023!

Here’s wishing your 2023 is better than your 2022.

I have so much to write about my hiatus metamorphosis but that can wait for the posts to come. Right now I’m working on some projects and listening to some music.

(At the moment I write this the following came up on my shuffle. Seems like good advice for starting a new year.)

[Intro: Vocals by Bobby Rox]
One, two
Hey, look it’s a fantastic day
As you’re listening to the sounds of WTBG
Tall Black Guy Radio
Put your phone in airplane mode
Hey, look the operative phrase is pay attention
And minimize distractions
People say that life is short
But check this out
It’s the longest thing that we will ever do
So, look
Be a surgeon with your time
Aspire to greatness
Be the best version of yourself
Live your life
Help somebody, help somebody
Pay attention
Minimize distractions
Catch somе good vibes
It’s all about that happiness
Progress, lеss stress
More love, go offline
Take long rides
Cook to it, clean to it
Rock to it in your cubicle
Make love to it
It feels good right?
Airplane mode
Featuring the sounds of the one and the only
Tall Black Guy

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