Hillsborough River Press

I have a new hobby. I decided to start my own press and publish some ebooks.

You can find the first book here – The Green New Deal.

Some background — I write all the time. I also have a full-time job, and, you know, a spouse and friends and chores and various indolent indulgences. All of which means that writing is more of a life-long hobby than a compelling vocation. Nonetheless, I enjoy it and it brings me great satisfaction.

So, to create a new outlet for longer works I launched Hillsborough River Press. This is an ebook only press (for now) and is a home for short books I write. I want to alternate between fiction and non-fiction. I’m shooting for two of each per year. First up explains the Green New Deal, and the 2nd release in September will be a near-future thriller.

I hope this scratches my itch for writing and publishing. So far, setting it up and launching it has been fun. I hope you enjoy it!

I started with zines in the 1990s, and moved to blogging in the 2000s, and now have this micro-micropress. This is the latest iteration of what has been a hobby for over a quarter century now.

The conceit behind The Green New Deal is that it’s part of a series titled 1HR Reads. If you read 300 words a minute, then 15,000 words is about an hour of reading. If you want to be a beta reader and offer feedback, get in touch and I’ll send you a free copy. Feedback can be copy-editing, or looking for contradictions or vague passages, or asking questions to add to the next edition.

I fully expect this book to be updated in a couple of months, so any and all feedback will help with the next edition.

Thanks to everybody for reading, and sharing!

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