Idle Thoughts and Random Links for 29April2022

I have never seen any of the Quartermass movies or tv shows. This BBC article makes me want to hunt some down asap.

“In spite of the television serials’ popularity, the Quatermass Hammer films had an even more impactful influence on culture, especially abroad and in the US. ‘The likes of Stephen King, Joe Dante, John Landis and Dan O’Bannon grew up watching them and adored them,’ Murray suggests.”


Cory Doctorow has a nice rant about fixing advertising on the internet. I’m wholly on board.

“Back to online surveillance. The ad-tech industry (and, ironically, many of its critics) say that spying on you all the time and in every way makes ads vastly more effective. We shouldn’t take their word for it. Ad-tech is a giant scam, a vast accounting fraud of fake ads shown to fake users with fake billings producing trillions in real profits.”


I really only know one Mountain Goats song, but reading this interview with John Darnielle in The New Yorker makes me think I should listen to more.

“Of course, you want to read the great writers, and you want to understand why they’re great, but I always wanted to know about the ones who are left off the list, the secondary and tertiary names.”


Some good advice for me: How to take things less personally

“If you tend to take things too personally, it’s important to recognise your patterns of personalisation or mind reading before deciding what to do with them. This can be challenging, however, because the line between feelings and thoughts is often blurred. A good way to distinguish feelings from thoughts is to remember that feelings can often be summarised in one word – nervous, happy, surprised, scared – and thoughts are the ideas that drive or follow the feelings.”


Here’s some spectacular art by a Ukrainian father/son team.

Happy Friday everybody! Hope the weekend is a great one.

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