Link Roundup for 09Oct20

#OurCreepyFuture – Deepfakes will soon rule our world. A very tiny alteration can help deepfakes escape detection

“The results of their paper expose just how flawed our current security systems are. The neural networks the two trained initially identified over 95% of the normal, everyday deepfakes. But when they perturbed the images, the detectors were able to catch (checks notes) zero percent.”

And if you’re going for quality you’re going to need deepfake actors.


Congrats to N. K. Jemisin for her recognition by the MacArthur Foundation!


Yes, Senator Lee, but republicanism is supposed come with Republican virtue. Not only is the current Republican party without virtue, it seems to actively pursue criminality, immorality, and unethical behavior. Nor does it actively support ‘negative’ liberty (freedom from government interference). Otherwise the Republican party would be the party of decriminalizing cannabis, and ending government interference in same-sex marriage, and women’s reproductive rights. They would also be the party of encouraging voting and civic participation, instead of the party of voter suppression. It may be that many of the founders wanted to see a republican nation, but the Republican party does not reflect those republican values.


I need a search engine that will give me a results list of only websites without advertising.


Ignore the title (which should more accurately be written “Fascist Revolution is a Fascist Concept”), and the annoying interstitial ‘quote’ graphics. This is an excellent introduction to Rosi Braidotti. Somehow, she only appeared on my radar this year. She is awesome.

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