New Story: The Conscience Switch

(UPDATE: The full moon story series was only available in 2017. All stories posted in 2017 have been taken down.)

It’s the first full moon of 2017! That means it’s story time.

The blog goal for this year is to publish a story every full moon. This moon’s story is “The Conscience Switch.”

Ever wonder why humanity’s humanity seems intermittent? It turns out there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation.

“The Conscience Switch”

“All morning he watched reports of soldiers abandoning their posts, drone operators walking away from their consoles, billionaires donating substantial sums to charity, pundits recanting their hate speech, criminals turning themselves into the police, high-level politicians resigning their positions, priests and rabbis and pastors and imams admitting they didn’t believe in God. Every moment, someone was clearing their conscience.”

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