No More Stories From the Menu

(The following is a work a fiction, part of an on-going series of vignettes about the made-up town of Abdera, Florida.) 003/???

I learned who writes the history bits for the menu! Her name is Teresa and she works at the diner. She’s been my waitress for breakfast and lunch and refilled my coffee cup a dozen times. Today she had a very nice conversation with me about “plagiarism” and “reproducing other people’s work without credit” and “stop copying my stuff for your stupid blog”.

I have so many questions about how she knows so much about my adopted city. Perhaps I’ll ask her tomorrow while she’s at work!

UPDATE: It turns out Teresa does not like to answer questions like mine at work. Through diligent perseverance, however, she has agreed to meet me after work to “explain some things” to me. Maybe I’ll see about getting a job as a reporter.

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