Random Update

Weekly wrap-up: I hit a wall Sunday afternoon and decided to take the day off. Nothing dramatic, just low energy. Friday I rode my bike around the neighborhood, and Saturday I got some gardening/yard work done. Got all the chores and errands taken care of, and on Saturday afternoon, Jennifer and I went and checked out some quirky little gift shops down the street. For some reason, staring at the screen for the amount of time it takes to assemble the weekly post didn’t spark joy like it usually does, so no Sunday post.

Next week’s weekly wrap-up: I’ll be in PA! Getting out of town for a long weekend in search of cooler weather.

Work: My busy time of year is February and September. Summers are not busy. And even though I can kill time browsing the internet without feeling particularly bad about it, I seem to be psychologically incapable of getting any writing done during these lulls. I’m not sure what that’s all about. It’s frustrating. However, the old boss just retired, and a new boss is moving in next week. With any luck fresh leadership will provide the structure we need to get some projects started.

Arbitrary Stupid Spiritualism: I’ve been having fun learning tarot. I like it as a way of sparking more-or-less random themes of critical introspection. I also recently read Pema Chodron Start Where You Are, which helped focus my year-old meditation habit. I’ve settled into meditating about two or three times a week, but the real value for me has been finding methods to interrupt my self-talk.

Fairies: This project is moving so slow. Nonetheless, I persist.

Full Moon Story: I have a story for tomorrow, but I’m not as happy as I’d like to be with it. Probably post it anyway.

Will the Robots Let Us Live?: Probably not.

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