Roundup for 15Oct20

Is there a global underground subculture that attempts to cross every national border without proper authorization and papers? I want this to be a reality TV show.


The Attorney General should have to wear an electric collar that shocks them everytime a cop kills someone.


If you’re unfamiliar with John Rawls, this interview with Katrina Forrester (who wrote an in-depth study of his work) is a good entry point.

“The basic idea was to imagine what kind of society you would want to set up, if you didn’t know where you would end up in it, or who you would be.”


Fashion as resistance – Juxtapoz interviews Carla Fernandez.

The future is handmade.


Just Security has started a series of “Good Governance” proposals. With any luck a Democratic majority will embrace some of these over the next couple of years.

“Regular invocations in the mainstream media of formerly obscure corners of the law such as the Hatch ActInsurrection Act, and the Emoluments Clauses of the Constitution, as well as norms such as the independence of the Department of Justice or the non-partisan administration of the security clearance process are evidence of an urgent and widespread desire to see our government recommit itself to good governance, public integrity, and the rule of law. Many commentators have identified and offered analysis of one or another means of pursuing this goal. The Good Governance Papersseeks both to expand and render more concrete this discussion by collecting in one place a ready list of non-partisan, carefully crafted, specific reform proposals.”

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