The Right Book at the Right Time

I’ve been putting off reading The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune for a long time. Mostly because of the length.

In some ways I regret not reading it earlier, because I’m loving it. But really I feel like it’s the right book at the right time.

The cover blurb claims that reading the book “is like being wrapped up in a big gay blanket.” And I definitely feel that comfortable, cozy sensation. It’s not that there aren’t high stakes. Why, one of the children has the power to destroy the world! But, since it leans into gentle humor and the tropes of the romance, you know it’s all going to end well. The last six years have gouged and corroded and sandpapered my psyche to such a degree I feel the only type of entertainment I can consume is something that will wrap me in a cozy blanket, gay or otherwise.

Even cozy murder mysteries are too harsh because there’s the murder at the center of the story.

Cerulean Sea is a sweet story about compassion and caring. And the main character is already kind, but becomes unblinkered through the story and finds ways of becoming an even better person. The humor is not Douglas Adams level absurdity, but rather gentle self-deprecation and good-natured ribbing.

If you’re looking for something cozy I can recommend it.

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UPDATE: Had to contact my host this morning because the site has been down for the last ~12 hours. But since I wrote the above last night and attempted to post, I’m going to claim the streak is still active.

2 thoughts on “The Right Book at the Right Time

  1. I loved this book SO MUCH! It really is exactly like you say for reading right now with me, and this book was so safe and entertaining. Such a balm. The Becky Chambers books are also like this. And Bujold’s Chalion books come close. I’ve been trying to re-read some other things, but realizing that they are just too violent or sad or tense – which is great when my brain isn’t on lizard-danger mode.

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