Wednesday Night Songs 02March22

Since it was looping through my head this morning, this week’s music segment includes “What the Hell Is It This Time” by the Sparks. Have you seen the new Sparks doc? I haven’t seen it yet, but I love anyone who can put humor in their music. For a minute I was thinking about making this an all-Sparks list (but just songs from the 21st century) but decided that would essentially mean just posting L’il Beethoven.

One of the things that made be fall in love with Cibelle was her cover of Raymond Scott’s “Lightworks.” The original and her cover both make the list this week.

There’s also some Hamid El Shaeri, Piero Umiliani (who is best known for “Mah Nà Mah Nà”), Jackie Venson’s latest, some Tackhead (from my youth! I wore this album out), a Sister Rosetta Tharpe song that I think isn’t about Jesus, Esquerita, who taught Little Richard everything, and concluding with a little anti-fascist anthem. I hope you’re right, Woody.

One of the ways I track down new (to me) music is through Bandcamp Daily.

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