An Abdera Miscellany 03: Madame de Claire’s Ghost Press

(The following developed out of a writing exercise I did Sunday.)

Abdera also claims one of the world’s few publishing houses for the disembodied. Noted deathstrologer* Idadue de Claire is the proprietor of Madame de Claire’s Ghost Press, a specialty press catering to every need of the spirit community. Her one-of-a-kind reading room employs poltergeists (spirits able to affect the material world) as page-turners for the more incorporeal.

Our Spirits, Ourselves is the best-selling title of MdC Ghost Press, but recent popular titles include Haunting Tiny Houses (part of the popular Home Haunting series), and A Beginners Guide to Ectoplasm.

*Your deathstrological sign is determined by your time of death, rather than your time of birth. There are very few practitioners of this lost art.

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2 thoughts on “An Abdera Miscellany 03: Madame de Claire’s Ghost Press

    1. Thanks. They’ll come out eventually. In 2017 I posted a story a month and a half dozen of those stories took place in Abdera. Plus 2 or 3 of my nanowrimo works. The first draft is fun! (and that’s what I posted in 2017), but the revisions are agonizingly slow .

      I’m about to finish another long work in the next month or so. Perhaps I’ll pick up _Refuse to Be Done_ and use it as a guide for revision.

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