Dead Ends

I write posts, but they don’t cohere. They don’t make a point, or they spin off into rambling. Here are some summaries of the posts I started that didn’t go anywhere:

Snow Crash and The City & The City – Each of these has a unique way of divvying up the populations in an urban environment. I started a post mulling over the two systems, and wondering what a world might look like that combined the two.

Trance Formation of America and QAnon – Before there was QAnon, there was Trance Formation of America. What seemed in the 1990s like the utmost in bonkers conspiracy theory, is now mainstreamed.

Conflict Averse and the dismal unpleasantness of social media – a brief history of my disenchantment with social media and the internet in general.

Ivan Illich’s Tools for Conviviality and the Degrowth Movement – Sort of a review of Illich’s Conviviality, but mostly a rant about those on the left who find intrinsically positive moral standing in certain groups of people. (Illich seems to embrace the idea that poor people will do the right thing simply because they have experienced poverty. Coicidentally, the book I’m reading by Ignazio Silone addresses this point exactly.)

A post bashing Ray Bradbury.

On a positive note – creative work is going tolerably well. I’m not getting a lot of work done every day, but I’m mostly getting work done every day; little by little, bit by bit. And if that continues, I should have a new ebook by the end of the year. I suppose a completed book > a bunch of blog posts, so I’ll try not to fret, and get back to the book!

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