Four Fifths Life Crisis

I’m somewhere beyond mid-life. Currently the average life expectancy of a US male is just under 80 years, and I’m a few years under 60. (Long list of caveats including accident, unforeseen health issues, and benefits of privilege.)

This closer-than-I-like-but-still-kind-of-far-away destiny carries more weight when I reflect on the general job/career dissatisfaction that’s been plaguing me for the last four or five years. Am I really going to spend half the time I have left grousing about my day-to-day existence? That sounds miserable.

So, what am I going to do? Well, I’m not sure. I’m in the process of figuring that out.

And that’s one reason to do 100 Days of Blogging. I blogged regularly from 2000 until 2010, and then sporadically from 2010 until now. I like it. It’s fun. I want to do more frequently. We’ll see if a 100 day commitment can bring the habit back.

(100 Days of Blogging: Post 002 of 100)

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