Friday Links 25March2022

It’s Friday! Here’s some links for your amusement/edification/timekilling.

Cory points to this terrific policy proposal by EFF to make the internet a better place. Ban Online Behavioral Advertising

“Such targeting supercharges the efforts of fraudulent, exploitive, and misleading advertisers. It allows peddlers of shady products and services to reach exactly the people who, based on their online behavior, the peddlers believe are most likely to be vulnerable to their messaging. Too often, what’s good for an advertiser is actively harmful for their targets.”


AI Weirdness has some AI-generated utopias.

Burnination Utopia – Everything is burning, but it is all very controlled and everyone wears asbestos tight pants.

Kitten Utopia – Everyone wants to have a kitten. Please let me have a kitten. This is the Kitten Utopia.

There is No Utopia – This place sucks. One robot makes the entire place go and even he’s on the fritz.


Colossal has spectacular images of slime molds.


The Sola Busca, the oldest complete seventy-eight card tarot deck in existence.


And Monster Brains has lots of vintage magic posters.

(100 Days of Blogging: Post 054 of 100)

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