Happy Holidays 2018!

Happy Holidays!

The end of the calendar year is one of my favorite times of the year. One of the perks of work is that we get a big chunk of time off at the end of the year. I added some vacation days and so I have a two week break to reflect and rejuvenate.

Clearly, blogging was not a top priority during 2018. Between work, working on the novel, and general dismay at the news cycle, I didn’t have much to say, nor the desire to say much.

The novel went moderately well until the summer when we decided to start house-hunting. There’s plenty of chatter about the outrage du jour and I don’t have much to offer except that a lot of people are horrible, anti-social, narcissistic monsters. But, you already know that.

This week I’ll figure out what to do with this blog in 2019, and be ready to launch something new a week from now. Orrr, I suppose I might decide to put it on hiatus. I doubt that I’ll be able to conjure up extra time, so to keep blogging will require some adjustment of priorities.

For the time being I’m adjusting to the new house and some new routines and making plans for the future. I’ll see you again in 2019!

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