If every grocery store clerk were told – I’ll give you your exact same wage for staying home OR you can continue to work. How many would continue to work?

They aren’t heroes, they are workers working under threat. They are compelled to go to work. If they lose their job, they lose their paycheck. If they lose their paycheck, they can’t pay rent, or buy food, or look after the health of their family, or pay for school.

I mean, I’m glad they’re there, but let’s be realistic about what compels them to be on the ‘front line’.

2 thoughts on “heroes

  1. I’m working in a grocery right now. I’d still go but maybe part time. It allows some socialization. I have accesss to gloves, masks are en route, and I have access to all the groceries either for free or at a discount.

    I also know what day the toilet paper and other paper goods will be delivered

    I and spouse also have health insurance and now I have covid pay.

    But I like my coworkers and get to boss my boss around.

    1. That’s excellent! Not to say that everybody would bail, just saying that a lot of people putting themselves at risk are doing so out of economic necessity. AND, not saying that they might be selfish or ungenerous or not interested in helping. but it’s a different kind of stressor when you HAVE to do something that makes you stressed or feel unsafe.

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