My First Job in Abdera

(The following is a work a fiction, part of an on-going series of vignettes about the made-up town of Abdera, Florida.) 004/???

I learned so much talking to Teresa. My first friend in Abdera!

First, she prefers Reza. Second, I’m a shitty tipper. And third, the diner is hiring. Dear blog, I got a job!!! I start tonight.

She also has a soft spot for stray dogs, she told me.

In other news I learned my rent is due every week, not every month as I believed. I thought I paid two months in advance, but I only paid two weeks. When my landlord courteously informed me I should pay the fuck up or get the fuck out I paid rent for the next week, but I’m going to run out of money soon. I wonder how long before I get paid at my new job.

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