Post 50 of 100

The original impetus for 100 Days of Blogging was to create a structure to re-establish a blogging mindset. I had some vague idea that doing something for 100 days helps establish that behavior as a pattern. That is – it takes 100 days to make something a habit.

I don’t know where I got that idea. I strongly suspect it’s some internet BS that got lodged in my brain along the way (just looked it up, thanks Google! and it IS some internet BS). Nonetheless, 100 has a nice ring to it. From the day I made the decision to the end of 100 days roughly covers the length of a semester, so that helped make it a more personally meaningful goal.

Only after making the decision did I learn that there’s a whole culture surrounding the 100 Day Challenge.


That was almost enough to make me change the name, but I decided to ignore it and plow ahead.

This is post 50 of 100.

It’s mostly worth it, mostly fun. It’s one more tool to avoid doomscrolling through social media. It’s nice to get comments and make new human connections.

It’s frustrating because there’s never enough time to get really in-depth on something. Most posts are somewhat frivolous, and even short posts can take longer than you might expect. And sometimes on those short-but-time-consuming posts I fret that I could better be using my writing time elsewhere.

On the whole I’d say it’s more rewarding than not. I have fifty days to decide what it will mutate into next.

Oh, coincidentally, just as I’ve passed the halfway point on this little exercise, we’ve all just passed the equinox. Happy equinox everyone!

(100 Days of Blogging: Post 050 of 100)

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