Roundup 09Dec20

Make better Mexican food.


“This free Crash Course is the quickest way to get your home kitchen pumping out the best Mexican food in town. There are 27 authentic recipes spread out over 8 Modules in the Course table below. Your job is to make one recipe from each Module — do that and your home kitchen will be forever transformed!”

I’ll never understand why migas are not on every diner breakfast menu in the world, and why we don’t have a truck on every corner selling breakfast tacos.


The introduction to Hauntology: Ghosts of Futures Past by Merlin Coverley. — Nice. A book about hauntology. The link goes to the introduction.


Let me see if I understand this – there is a non-trivial core of conservatives in the US who believe by simply stating that black lives matter, or that you oppose fascism, you are a terrorist threat to the US. And, the best way to deal with this existential threat to American freedom and liberty is to declare martial law, suspend the constitution, and have the US military oversee a brand new, national election.

And the majority of conservative leaders keep their mouth shut, neither condemning nor supporting.


I’ve noticed a few times now that presumptive Biden nominees are the ‘czar’ of something in new headlines. It feels like no Trump nominees were ever the ‘czar’ of anything, but Obama nominees were. Can that be right? If so, what is up with that?

Ah, Wikipedia has a page about that – List of U.S. executive branch czars.

It’s true that it was used a lot with Obama, and never with Trump. But it was also used frequently for officials in the Bush administration.


Work once again gets in the way of writing. Work annoys me.


I love how all these felt organs have little eyeballs. I wouldn’t mind a whole happy world made of felt.

Lucy Sparrow

The U.K.-based artist [Lucy Sparrow] set up shop with The Bourdon Street Chemist, a fully-stocked, woolen pharmacy that’ll open its doors on January 18, 2021, at London’s Lyndsey Ingram.”

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