Summer Break

I added some vacation days to last week’s long Memorial Day weekend and ended up with a 17 day stretch of summer break. Yay! (Actually, I was at work for two of those days, but they’re behind me now.)

Today I’m working in the garden, and tomorrow I’m heading to the beach. In between I might hang out on the hammock, or lie on the couch and read a book. I made some progress on the non-fiction fairy project yesterday, and started baking a new story. It’s amazing how much being away from work improves my attitude. (Although, quick aside, some major changes at the job actually give me a sense of real hope for the first time in years. The future looks, if not bright, at least well lit.)

One thing I will NOT be doing is spending much time staring at screens.

June’s full moon story is complete and just needs to be edited before I post it on June 14.

Syndicated Sunday will return on June 19. Hope your June is starting out well!

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