Wednesday Night Songs 16Feb22

This week’s playlist kicks off with Shirley Bassey, but not the song below.

Oh, and the Glen Campbell version of “Elusive Butterfly of Love” is the creepiest.

This week’s playlist is eleven songs and 28 minutes.

TMBG came up randomly with someone I was chatting with this morning. The person was a fan of the more child-friendly songs, and all I could think of was —

I’m so tired of the waiting
My heart is cold
The sky is dark
I’m curled up in the ashes

We die alone we die afraid
We live in terror, we’re naked and alone
We die

(from “Last Wave” by TMBG and in this week’s playlist)

(100 Days of Blogging: Post 016 of 100)

UPDATE: The Lowland Hum version of “This Will Be Our Year” is lovely.

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