What I Learned: 04

Perhaps ‘remembered’ is a better term. This 100 day blogging challenge reminded me of one reason I turned away from blogging, it takes a lot of my writing time.

There are only so many writing hours in a day. Whatever time I use for writing blog posts is time I’m not using for stories, or non-fiction essays, or writing exercises.

As I conjure up a new self-image I think I’ll be able to strike a better balance. Or care less about the balance (or care differently perhaps). As long as whatever I’m writing contributes to joy, happiness, or a feeling of satisfaction it doesn’t really matter what form it takes.

That said, one of the funnest times I had on the blog was when I posted a story a month in 2017 (the Full Moon Story series). So, while the daily regularity of posts will cease, I expect to start posting a story a month for the rest of 2022 starting mid-June.

(100 Days of Blogging: Post 093 of 100)

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