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Not a lot going on so let’s catch up with some television.

I’m currently in the middle of Our Flag Means Death. It got off to a slow start (for me) but I’m utterly charmed by the developing relationships between the characters.

I’m also catching up on Doom Patrol, which I’m only now discovering. The Thing About Pam is doing just enough to keep me coming back.

What I’ve kind of gotten bored with and stopped watching: Upload, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Starstruck, Raised by Wolves, All Creatures Great and Small, and Cobra Kai. I also never made it through Game of Thrones or The Witcher.

Soon I’ll be starting the current seasons of Woke and Atlanta. And I recently finished Disenchanted. And I’ll watch the rest of Resident Alien as soon as it drops. And What We Do In the Shadows when it comes back. I’ll watch anything with Matt Berry.

If I had to recommend a single recent series it would be The Great. OR, perhaps Reservation Dogs. Or maybe At Home With Amy Sedaris. Depending on your taste and mood.

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2 thoughts on “What I’m Watching

  1. Lol, Dave, I often write 1000-word comments on your posts, but fail to edit or subsequently post to you, but THIS TIME: just last evening I was trying to compose a tweet of gratitude, explaining how the third thing with which my very small life is occupied, after 1. Sticking broken things back together,
    2. Reading the most exclusively terrible news of global society to write tens of thousands of words I do not share about that news, is 3. Renewing my spirit by enjoying the projects of Taika Waititi, Jemaine Clement, the siblings Demetriou, and productions by Anders Tangen (I’m considering in part a move to Norway in order to access NRK television to see “Magnus”–the first episode is on some kid’s youtube channel. It’s not the “Magnus” about chess, but about trolls. “Norsemen” is one of his productions which I’ve rewatched. When I’d try to suggest it to people, I realized that they were dismissing it as “Vikings” or something, not hearing me tell them it’s hilarious…and like all these best shows, sometimes just shockingly heartbreaking. I am on tenterhooks wondering what happens with Gizmo and Nadja.)

    I composed a tweet never posted after I watched the two season-ending episodes of “Our Flag Means Death”, raving over the suspense and pathos…of what I originally regarded as merely a ‘romp’. My devotion to “Our Flag…” had me immediately rewatch the entire series.

    I’m really crazy for Rhys Darby–my favorite show might actually be his “Short Poppies”. The sweetness and humor of these New Zealanders makes me want to live there (not to mention NZ’s having a Prime Minister who isn’t a nutcase).

    It was great to see “Our Flag…” cast Joel Fry–“Plebs” was a great show.

    I just concluded “The Thing About Pam”. I so rarely watch anything as it’s released, so that was cliff-hangery.

    I have lost interest in “Upload”. I gave “Maisel” maybe an hour and thought, “maybe later”. I gave “Raised by Wolves” a chance while I was cooking one night, then sat down to eat and promptly switched away. I’ve been tempted by “All Creatures”. I’d love to see “Resident Alien” but I’ll have to swap around some streaming subscriptions. I think “The Great” may have another season? If that happened, I might be tempted to start it from the beginning and binge.

    I guess other than “Short Poppies”…I’ve gotta go look up this writer/actor..brb…the show is “Frayed”. You’ve covered really all the most recent shows I’ve leaned on as anti-depressants.

    1. Hi June! I’m really glad you decided to comment.

      I’ll definitely check out Short Poppies. Rhys is pretty great.

      Looking over this list it’s clear to me I’m pretty much done with drama and can’t get enough goofy weirdness. “Pam” is the closest thing to drama I’ve watched in awhile, and I mostly stuck around because I loved Zellweger’s performance so much.

      I really enjoyed the first season of “All Creatures” because the stakes were so low. (Oh no! Is the calf going to be OK? Phew, the calf is OK.) I feel like I have a little more emotional resilience these days so my interest in ACGaS has waned.

      And I realized last night – Resident Alien is kinda just an updated version of Mork and Mindy.

      I’m looking forward to digging up some of the other shows you mentioned.

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