Wipe is Available

It’s finally complete!

Wipe: A Brief History of Toilet Hygiene is now available as an ebook through Amazon.

And, yes! Selling this through Amazon gives me complicated feels. On the one hand – it was fun to write. I think it’s fun to read. I hope you read it and enjoy it! Writing short works like Wipe is a fun hobby. Even though the editing is annoying, I like everything that goes with a project like this — the research, the writing, the design. This is my idea of a good time.

On the other hand – pitching in to help a sociopathic monster become even wealthier. So, there’s that. My only consolation is that a project like this ebook only puts a few pennies in the coffer. UNLESS YOU BUY A MILLION COPIES.

Regardless, Wipe is available. If you want to support this project, here’s how.

  1. The best is to buy a copy and leave a stellar 5-star review. The Amazon algorithm really likes verified purchases and 5-star reviews.
  2. Buy a copy (but don’t bother with the review). All those pennies add up over time.
  3. Share a link. Let others know, so maybe they’ll buy a copy, write a review, and/or share a link.

And, I want to thank everyone who read various portions of this in draft and gave me feedback. THANK YOU! My friends made it better, and I alone am responsible for its mediocrity.

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