An Abdera Miscellany 02: Murder County

Abdera is a fictional town in Florida.* In one story I placed it thusly — “If you look closely on a map you’ll see somewhere between Tampa and Sarasota an easy-to-miss town named Abdera.”

Occasionally I think it should also have its own fictional county. Murder County. I imagine that the Murder family were early settlers and everything afterwards was named after them. They are named Murder after their historical family vocation, the same way someone may have the surname Baker or Wheeler or Lamplighter.

Extrapolating from that means there will likely be a Murder River, a Murder Elementary School, The Murder County Public Library, Murder expressway, Murder State Park, Murder Community College, a sheriff of Murder County, etc.

The joke is probably too one-note, but the idea of casually naming everything Murder cracks me up.

*It also used to be a real city, and is currently a real municipality.

(100 Days of Blogging: Post 038 of 100)

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