The Last Wednesday Night Songs

Originally I thought, Oh, I’ll just find a bunch of new songs and that’ll be the list. But there’s a lot of things I do instead of hunt down new music, so I’m going to wrap up this series tonight.

Tonight’s selection is the next ten songs that come up on shuffle on the giant list I made to listen to while cooking or washing dishes in the kitchen.

Until today I didn’t know “Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft” was not a Carpenter’s original (it was originally performed by Klaatu). The 1970s were weird y’all. Not only was this a hit single, but there’s a real World Contact Day. In fact, it’s this Tuesday, March 15. And The Carpenters had a TV special called “The Carpenters…Space Encounters.” I don’t remember it, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if I watched it.

I’m not really interested in having Christ for president (accept my infinite love or burn in Hell forever!), but the other sentiments I can get behind. I even used some lyrics from this song as a definition for abderitic in an earlier iteration of this blog.

We build our civilization up
And we shoot it down with wars

JB turned me onto DeVotchKa. This is a lovely song.

Even though Of Montreal sounds like something I should have probably been listening to for years, I only discovered them recently after Spotify suggested them to me.

Lizzo is the best.

I definitely went through a K-Pop phase. I love so much Blackpink.

I had some friends over a few weeks ago and this song came on and one of my friends mocked me! Are you a twelve year old girl? He asked. Don’t you like music? I responded. (Of course this came on right after Hanson, so…maybe?)

After they left I looked up this song because I know nothing about the band OMC, and learned that he’s an indigenous singer from New Zealand. Some people just don’t like some songs because they’re popular. But it’s not the song’s fault!

This may be the only Vampire Weekend song I know. I think JB went to see them live … a decade ago?… but I like this song.

This was on a list a few weeks ago. The Louvin Brothers with a timely reminder that nuclear destruction is always just around the corner.

Not a bad ending – fun, natural fun.

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