Random update to keep my daily streak going. In this episode I interview myself about my new tea habit.

Busy day at work followed by blank brain lethargy, so how about an update?

I know! I’ll steal a blog tactic from Scalzi and interview myself.

Q: How’s the New Year’s resolution going?

A: Tea time? It’s going well. I now have tea nearly every day between three and four.

Q: Any favorites?

A: I haven’t been too ambitious yet. I have a moderately caffeinated green tea when I’m at work. I had some lemon tea at home that I drank when I didn’t want mid-afternoon caffeine. That just ran out and I replaced it with a lavender/chamomile I haven’t tried yet.

Q: Do you only drink tea at tea time?

A: Nope. One of the things that prompted tea time was that I started drinking sleepy time tea in the evenings. That’s become pretty locked in. Every night at 8pm it’s tea time.

Q: Do you eat watercress finger sandwiches with the crust cut off during your tea time?

A: Nope. No scones or clotted butter either. I did buy some cookies one week and ate a couple of cookies with my tea. I decided it was a bad idea to get in the habit of eating cookies with my tea. Mostly I have nothing, but today I had a banana with my tea and yesterday I ate an apple. Last week I had some mixed nuts and dried fruit.

Q: How do you heat your water?

A: Glad you asked! I had to buy a kettle for work. I also had to buy a beaker so I could pour water into the kettle, pouring from the cup was a little sloppy. At home I use the coffee maker. It has a single-serving element I’ve never used for anything but hot water to pour into the tea cup.

Q: Anything else to say about tea?

A: I haven’t done the deep dive I was expecting. Maybe that’ll come later? Or, maybe not. So far I’m digging it.

At home we drink tea from Calamityware cups JB bought.

And that’s the story my New Year’s resolution to drink tea at tea time.

(100 Days of Blogging: Post 036 of 100)

2 thoughts on “Random update to keep my daily streak going. In this episode I interview myself about my new tea habit.

    1. It IS pretty sweet. JB randomly gifted it to me a few years ago. She saw it and knew immediately that it should be in my life. Since I’m drinking tea now maybe I should shell out for the teapot as well!

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