Friday’s Idle Thoughts and Hyperlinks 06May2022

So many typos! Every time I post I see a whole slew of typos. I’m not sure if I’m making more than I used to, or if I just didn’t notice before.


Here’s a bit of a deep dive into Led Zep fandom. John Coulthart uncovers the source for some fonts used on the fourth album. Coulthart isn’t always about Zep. He’s mostly about art and design.


I didn’t know Birds Aren’t Real was a thing. It is a thing. The Guardian explains where it came from.

McIndoe made a placard, and went out to join the march. “It’s not like I sat down and thought I’m going to make a satire. I just thought: ‘I should write a sign that has nothing to do with what is going on.’ An absurdist statement to bring to the equation.”


“The purpose of education is to teach each of us to defend ourselves against the seductions of eloquence.” –Bertrand Russell (in Harper’s, March 1991, p. 47) [source]


Terrific (albeit brief) interview with Josh Glenn. I’ve been a fan of Glenn’s since reading Hermenaut in the 1990s. Hermenaut was an awesome and influential zine, and Glenn’s current website is HiLoBrow. He also has the best ‘generation’ definitions around.

A reminder of my 250-year generational periodization scheme:

1755-64: [Republican Generation] Perfectibilists
1765-74: [Republican, Compromise Generations] Original Romantics
1775-84: [Compromise Generation] Ironic Idealists
1785-94: [Compromise, Transcendental Generations] Original Prometheans
1795-1804: [Transcendental Generation] Monomaniacs
1805-14: [Transcendental Generation] Autotelics
1815-24: [Transcendental, Gilded Generations] Retrogressivists
1825-33: [Gilded Generation] Post-Romantics
1834-43: [Gilded Generation] Original Decadents
1844-53: [Progressive Generation] New Prometheans
1854-63: [Progressive, Missionary Generations] Plutonians
1864-73: [Missionary Generation] Anarcho-Symbolists
1874-83: [Missionary Generation] Psychonauts
1884-93: [Lost Generation] Modernists
1894-1903: [Lost, Greatest/GI Generations] Hardboileds
1904-13: [Greatest/GI Generation] Partisans
1914-23: [Greatest/GI Generation] New Gods
1924-33: [Silent Generation] Postmodernists
1934-43: [Silent Generation] Anti-Anti-Utopians
1944-53: [Boomers] Blank Generation
1954-63: [Boomers] OGXers
1964-73: [Generation X, Thirteenth Generation] Reconstructionists
1974-82: [Generations X, Y] Revivalists
1983-92: [Millennial Generation] Social Darwikians
1993-2002: [Millennials, Generation Z] TBA

LEARN MORE about this periodization scheme | READ ALL generational articles on HiLobrow.


Happy Friday everyone! Hope the weekend’s a good one.

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