Happy Cross Quarter Day!

I don’t follow any traditional religious practices, so I’ve decided to create my own. In this new personal religion I’m creating I observe eight Solar Sabbaths (a term I just made up). The eight solar sabbaths are the two solstices, the two equinoxes, and the four cross-quarter days. And today happens to be the point between the spring equinox, and the summer solstice.

I’ve also created four new seasons that overlap with the tradition seasons. These cover the time between the cross-quarter dates, and are:

  • Spummer (spring/summer)
  • Sutumn (summer/autumn)
  • Finter (fall/winter)
  • Winring (winter/spring)

That means today is the first day of Spummer.

Today’s also the first day of my Screenless Spummer challenge. I’ve been good at reducing my social media time, now it’s time to reduce the amount of time I spend in front of screens. I can’t completely eradicate screens from my life because I’m expected to use them for my job, and I use screens for creative expression, learning new things, and recreation. Nonetheless, I’m certain my life will be enriched by diminishing the amount of time I focus my attention on glowing glass. I won’t truly be screenless, but my intent is to be more mindful of how much time I spend in front of a screen, and shut them down more often than I have in the recent past.

(100 Days of Blogging: Post 095 of 100)

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