Outside My Window

Busy day busy night. For a moment I will pause and be grateful. I’m grateful for the view I have from my office window (and a little embarrassed by my luck). My office looks over the Hillsborough River flowing through downtown Tampa. Every time I watch a storm roll in over the skyline I’m grateful for this space. Every time I turn away from my computer screen and get to see sunlight and water I’m grateful for this view.

That gray building in the center is the Tampa Museum of Art, and the multi-color structure next to it is a parking garage. The white fence is the Tampa Riverwalk, so I almost always can see people walking, jogging, riding bikes, walking dogs, hanging out, etc.

(100 Days of Blogging: Post 082 of 100)

2 thoughts on “Outside My Window

    1. When I first moved into this office, I arranged my desk so I could see out the window always, but I spent all my time people-watching and no time working! So I turned the desk away from the window, and now the window is my reason to stop staring at the screen.

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