Was Miami Really the Entrance to Fairyland?

The last few months Sunday afternoons have been a good time for me to watch random old movies. Last Sunday I watched Nicholas Ray’s Wind Across the Everglades. Not a particularly good movie, but some nice shots of the Everglades circa 1958. It was also an early role for Christopher Plummer, and Burl Ives as a villain.

The movie is supposed to take place in 1900 and in Miami. Towards the opening of the movie, as the train carrying Christopher Plummer arrives in Miami, we see the following sign.

There is a book titled Welcome to Fairyland about queer Miami, but I couldn’t find another instance of this sign on the internet. I wonder if it still existed in 1958, or if it was created for the movie.

On a related note, the fairy research continues, although slower than I’d like.

(100 Days of Blogging: Post 081 of 100)

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